Arranged marriage

Arranged marriage

Author’s summary England has always been difficult to understand. To others and to himself, England has always hid behind his mask. But what happens when that mask is suddenly taken away? England must find himself again. Recommended by eliska Characters: Netherlands, Denmark, some Norway at the end and Iceland.


In those days, marriage was simply taken in stride as an inevitable event of life. The spouse you were married to was not unlike the body you were born with—good, bad, or ugly, you just worked with it. And despite this finality about it, the matchmaking just sort of happened, without you having to think too deeply about it.

But what is truly incredible is that despite the light approach to such a weighty decision like marriage, divorces were rare.

Both become entangled in the vengeful schemes of a stranger from the past. As much as Draco tries to resist, in the end, he must make a fateful choice for the man he is destined to love. In His Nature .

Told you, you great lump. I thought ‘any day but then’ was good odds. Were you two betting on me or something? Somehow I don’t believe you. Then there was a roar, and he fell into blackness. Summary by the author: So, the world ended. Who best to get to fix it? Well, there is this guy with a track record in world saving T rating may be overdoing it.

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Peter Hale, who employs him as a butler. Stiles is Jane Eyre, and Peter is Mr. As he’s building a new life, will he allow Ian to be a part of it or will Ian’s choices in the past keep them apart? Rowling [Archive of Our Own] Only Harry Potter could manage to put on a magical collar on impulse and find himself unable to take it off again.

In the past, the primary driver of marriage and matchmaking decisions were the parents and the family. There was a degree of subtle imposition on the suitor. While outright force was rare, social and traditional norms did not allow for too much self-will on the part of the one getting married.

After all, the brain is a computer, and biology in and of itself is wild sometimes. Well, until about two years ago, that is. He had been working on his nanotech suit in his lab when suddenly Tony had felt blinding pain in every bone and muscle of his body, collapsing onto the floor in a dead faint. It was the first time in forty-four years that the Other had been distracting.

For months, the desperation and depression and pain all over his body, and then finally just in his hands had been constant, until it had abruptly switched into pure awe and wonder about seven months after the Other had…gone through whatever they had gone through. Tony puts down his tablet and rubs his thumb across the black initials on his left wrist. Pepper will always be somewhat of a target, because of her being the CEO of Stark Industries as well as being close to Tony bait-bait-bait.

Rhodey and Peter…fuck, those two are going to be the death of Tony without a doubt.

How to Get Past the First Date

Written for IyCaptions Week 9 Image. Kagome winced slightly as the barking that echoed around her rang loudly in her ears while she followed a man in khaki shorts and a matching shirt down a long concrete hallway. She frowned as she looked in the chain link fenced pens one by one.

I’d write it on FanFic, but I can’t log in there for some reason. It’s a fantastic story, subtly funny and still posesses drama and integrity. I feel the ending was a bit sad, but I comfort myself with the knowledge that it’s still listed as incomplete.

Hey if you have time: ReaderXChekov where reader gets injured on an away mission and has to go see McCoy but plot twist reader is afraid of doctors and tries to hide. Bonus points if McCoy is grumpy that they are being so affectionate while he is trying to work, but secretly is glad Chekov is there because he knows reader is scared of doctors.

Originally posted by mrsawkwardseb There was no doubt about it. Being a red shirt officially sucked. Now, you were stuck behind a rock on a desert outcrop, shielding yourself from Klingon fire while Kirk and Spock did the same a few metres away.

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Tuesday, 24 June Fiction: Little Moon’s Matchmaking Mission! Chapter 12 It’s with great joy and relief that I announce the end of the second arc. The second arc was much harder to write than the first arc, but perhaps it was also ultimately more fulfilling. It answered some of the questions of the first arc and provided the foundation we needed as we go towards the final arc.

Fanfiction as a byproduct of one art form (a TV show, a book, a film, and so on) is perhaps one of the purest “consequences” in pop culture: While Star Trek fanfic is the modern jump-off point for modern analyses (and Kirk/Spock remains the gold standard of slashfic, i.e. fanfiction with characters of the same sex), it existed in decades.

May 15, A. It’s a seamless mashup, seamless to the point I forgot it was a mashup at all then again I also forgot mid-point about Lydia’s This isn’t an ” I especially appreciated the epilogue, which made no attempt to shy away from the inevitable but instead thoroughly cements Mrs Bennet’s character. A satisfying end to a thoroughly enjoyable book. From the opening sentence: Now, call me a heathen if you will, but I have never read either “Pride and Prejudice” not even the zombie version nor “Sherlock Holmes”, although I have a fairly decent understanding of both.

Now, Cowens take on it is no exception to the rule. Mr Sherlock Darcy proves to be most unfallibly irksome, with his lack of social etiquette and the way he looks down his nose at those of a feminine persuasion. Why, I just wished to slap that superior expression from his face – as I am sure Miss Elizabeth Bennet did too.

However, not only did Miss Elizabeth combat him with her sharp tongue, but also her perception and analytical mind, combining with her stubborn determination to prove him wrong. There is very little suspense here – from almost the beginning you know who the murderer is – nor do you feel particularly for the safety of the Bennet sisters.

However, you are drawn into this tale:

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I mean, if there was heavy involvement of Pokemon characters would it count as a pseudo-crossover? I’m just thinking of some of the character interactions. I imagine Ike and Mewtwo would actually get along quite well. It probably would have a lot of similarities to Ike and Soren’s relationship, given Soren’s status as a Branded which are perceived as abominations and Soren’s own cold, brutally honest personality. As he floated past, Mewtwo raised an eyebrow at a group of swordsman down the hallway.

Home How to Get Past the First Date Maureen Tara Nelson, April 25, May 2, , Long Island Matchmaking, love, matchmaking, singles, 0 Singles make a very common mistake on first dates and many times in makes it impossible to get that second date.

Don’t post low-effort fanwork Low effort means something you made in MS Paint in 2 minutes i. Also applies to music, video, game and any other kinds of content which can be considered low-effort. Don’t post pirated content No tool specific to DRM circumvention. Discussion of emulation in general is allowed and welcomed, just not linking towards places that openly host pirated content. Let’s Play posts aren’t allowed An LP is defined as a video with standard gameplay, with or without added commentary.

Using gameplay as the backdrop for other info such as DidYouKnowGaming? Low-effort fanwork rule still applies. Be civil, coherent, and calm, even when criticizing This means don’t start flame wars.

harry potter

Reblog Angels React From this request: Could you do a oneshot with all the spn angels cas,gabe,bal,luci and michael witha slightly depresed reader? It had taken you a few months to get used to the angel popping in unexpectedly. But you now knew that Cas was always watching over you, his presence was always around.

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September 7, Behind-the-scenes shenanigans from The Royal Romance team! Now that Book 3 has wrapped up, let’s take a look back on the series with the writing team: It’s been a pretty intense race to the finish line for The Royal Romance: How are you feeling? Are you doing okay? I think we’ve mostly made it out alive. As the saying goes, you can sleep when you’re dead The Royal Romance has always had a really tight schedule, but Book 3 pushed us to our limits!

There were a lot of late nights, a lot of weekends spent writing.

Pokémon Fanfiction Ideas, Recs, and Discussion Thread

Flick, th-that is you, right? Instead, I gave a quick nod up and down. Right, I was me. This was because of that. Before Koren could say anything else, a figure abruptly appeared directly beside Koren.

P A S S I O N ~ LJSAngel Fanfiction This is a collection of fanfics from the web site creator (me) LJSAngel. Surprisingly, not all Buffy/Angel. Angel remembers him and thinks back to his past when he first met the Master in Italy.. Plus an oblique Star Wars reference for fun. Side tracked and Matchmaking.

If I haven’t rated, it’s because I still need to read it, not because it’s bad! Lulu goes to the Farplane to speak to the dead. My absolute favorite Aulu. Some excellent lines in this long one-shot. Not Aulu, just a great conversation between young Lulu and Auron. Aftermath of Yuna’s Final Summoning. Cries out for a sequel! Rikku attempts to seduce Mr.

Yuna asks Lulu the truth about her and Auron.

Pony Tales [MLP Fanfic Readings] Matchmaker, Matchmaker (romance — Twilight/Applejack)

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