Blue Planet

Blue Planet

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email This amazing footage shows a paddle boarder catching a huge 7ft grouper despite falling off. The fisherman lands his catch after a few minutes of struggling with the Goliath fish. Captain Ben Chancey fell from the board as he tried to reel the creature in. But he scrambled back on board, and with the help of a boat crew, landed his enormous catch. The man catches a seven-foot Grouper fish that’s bigger than he is Image: He drags the fish on to the paddle board with an almighty effort Image: Estimated to be more than 14 feet in length the huge sawfish twists and turns in the water before coming up to show off its amazing size.

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A decade later, they want to return to the island of their dreams. Dax thinks the move should be permanent, but Lily worries about another big storm. Series 88 – Ep. They want their children to soak up the French culture, but Eric, a writer, is also looking for inspiration in his new home.

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Environment Blue Planet II: But it also has a message of hope. Though many of the environmental problems seem insurmountable, we as individuals can take action to help save our blue planet. Perhaps the issue that has touched viewers most is ocean plastic pollution, which is accumulating in vast quantities and being eaten by animals. Its skin contains millions of pigment cells with which it can create ever-changing colours and patterns to apparently mesmerise their prey.

Tiny coral larvae drift in the ocean currents, some for days, some for weeks, before sinking back down to the ocean floor and settling to become new corals. By taking up the position closest to a female, the male stands the best chance of fertilising her eggs. Unlike their reef relatives, saddleback clownfish live around anemones that are found in the sand, far away from the solid structure of the coral reef.

Male saddleback clownfish must use their ingenuity to find a hard substrate upon which the females can lay their eggs.

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The team from the hit nature series narrated by Sir David Attenborough were in the French Polynesia to film the mid-water predator fish spawning, but the event happens for less than an hour every 12 months. And after going into the water in the evening in the hope of seeing the fish reproducing they were instead met by hundred of Grey Reef sharks who were in a feeding frenzy and smashed into their cameras.

The fish only spawn once a year, in an hour-long window Image: With the current building and no sign of spawning they end the dive. Producer Rachel Butler told the Mirror: That said, diving at night, with a lot of equipment, in a very remote location, with a strong current, whilst wearing a metal suit is by no means easy – let alone the hundreds of sharks in the area.

The sharks then smashed into their cameras as they came to feed Image: Sharks do sometimes detect weak electrical currents given off by metallic objects and a few did bump the cameras as they went past. Thankfully the team then clocked up several thousand hours diving with the grouper, including round the clock sessions the following year when they were due to spawn, to film the event.

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One of the earliest ravers was H N Coleridge, nephew of the poet, who waxed lyrical after a visit in It ensures every European comfort with almost every tropical luxury. They have also helpfully provided access to their tumultuous countryside by building more than 1, miles of irrigation channels, accompanied by footpaths that snake through the kind of striking landscapes dreamt up by J R R Tolkien. Which is how my wife and I find ourselves strolling through a sun-dappled mimosa forest between two renowned botanical gardens, and looking forward to an al fresco lunch on the terrace of a hillside tea room en route.

It is midwinter, and there are reports of blizzards sweeping Britain. We try not to feel smug, and fail.

Its opening episode was the most-watched programme of and The BBC’s Blue Planet II series has received rave reviews since it began airing last month. But one creature featured on the show.

The peaceful squares lined with pastel-hued, shuttered buildings make for pleasant strolls around Corfu Old Town Credit: The following exhibits from ancient Korkyra will return to view, just better presented. The most famous attraction, the Gorgon pediment c. She is flanked by her offspring: Pigasos Pegasus the winged horse, and the hero Khrysaor.

Not so colossal — but as important archaeologically — is the exquisite Archaic Lion of Menekrates. The Byzantine Museum, in a medieval church, is crammed full of unusual icons of the 15th to 18th centuries Credit: Marc Dubin Among other treasures, unjustly eclipsed by the Gorgon pediment, is a small pediment from BC, showing the god Dionysos and a youth reclining at a symposium, holding a rhyton and a krater respectively; two lions uphold their banqueting couch.

The view from Kanoni to Vlaherna islet and Pondikonisi is unmissable Credit:

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This base is extended by Jolla with a custom user interface and default applications. The main elements for Sailfish OS 2. Compatible binaries or libraries can also be used. When successful, this will make the platforms compatible on the API level.

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Bulletin of Marine Science. Bermuda Natural History Museum. The issue prior to July 14, had an inventory by Dr. Wolfgang Sterrer on the number of species at least 8, of flora and fauna then in Bermuda, of which 4, are marine and 3, are terrestrial. Bermuda’s new Protected Species Act became law on 1st March Endemic animals are shown below by name and description.

Except for birds, no prior legislation existed. The new act called for a proactive approach to the protection of local species threatened with extinction, and their habitats. Wildlife includes the Cahow, Longtail, White-eyed Vireo, Skink, turtles, whales, a species of snail, the tiny Cave Shrimp and other crustaceans.

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Crows Fish may be as clever as primates, scientists now suspect, after new footage showed octopus and grouper fish communicating and collaborating to catch prey. Grouper and octopus hunt the same small fish which dart in and out of the coral, and often hide in crevices which are too small for the grouper to follow. But the larger fish has come up with an extraordinary solution. The grouper first spots where the little fish has hidden then informs the octopus Credit: BBC For its part, the octopus pokes its long, thin tentacles into the crevice, flushing out the prey.

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By Pete Cashmore Well, Universal Music has indeed sued some video-sharing companies today, but thanks to a deal struck with YouTube last week , the market leader escaped unharmed. Instead it’s two smaller players – Bolt. Universal says that thousands of videos are being shared without permission, which would put the total figure owed in the hundreds of millions.

According to Reuters , the charge is “copying, reformatting, distributing and creating derivative works from Universal’s musicians”. A Universal spokesperson is quoted as saying “Grouper and Bolt The lawsuit was filed in the U. District Court, Central District of California, late today. It’s very strange that Bolt.

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Plot[ edit ] The series revolves around outgoing fish Milo, his nervous brother Oscar, as well as their “overly dramatic” friend Bea Goldfishberg, whom Oscar is infatuated with. They attend a school known as Fresh Water High, submerged in an aquarium in a pet store. The series chronicles their daily lives as they deal with everything, from eel attacks and field trips, to romance and homework.

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Scroll up for the full list of hints Sharing Google Calendars If you use Google Calendar for your busy schedule, you may already know that the same calendar can also be used on your phone. You can also share your calendar with your family. If you enter an appointment like a doctor visit your spouse can instantly kinda see that on his or her phone. To enter a new calendar, you go to Google Calendar on your PC. On the left side you should see some options. If you don’t, click the thing in the top left with all the bars.

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KSR asks: What’s the biggest fish you’ve ever caught?

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