Hikaru Hasama

Hikaru Hasama

Unlike the first, this one has some semblance of an actual story. Also, it would be a nifty thing if you guys left me your thoughts and opinions via the review button. Big thanks to my buddy who shall remain nameless until he tells me otherwise, for all his help and advice in editing this and making it less terrible. Good on ya, mate. Put another way, knowledge is power, wisdom is what controls that power. Having learned the truth of those words at a very young age, it was a sentiment Raven had strived to live her life by.

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Find out more Yu The Yu Huang, named for the Jade Emperor that rules the Heavenly Court in the ancient Chinese pantheon, debuted with the promise from Sun-Tzu Liao that “it shall sit in judgment over a battlefield, meting out justice to those who would transgress against us”. Xiang Yu, Chinese general and leader of the rebel forces that overthrew the Qin dynasty — bce.

Chibi Revenge Double Trouble There was a shocked silence as the past and present Kai stared at each other before both of them swayed wearily and collapsed, out cold.

That is owned by Rick Riordan. Well, here it is on a new site. Each one will be a one shot unless it says otherwise. I also want to thank Crossoverpairinglover for giving me this idea to begin with. Warning this is an M rated story Chapter 1: Annabeth Chase Percy arrived back at his cabin tired from a long day of training.

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Contents [ show ] Appearance Hikaru looks about years in age. She has cool blue hair. Her eyes are a bluish-purple color. She wears a red jacket over a white and blue T-shirt and a pair of tan shorts and brown boots and she wears a choker.

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Underneath his green eyes is orange face paint. He wears a long green shirt with yellow and black trim and light brown pants. He has a red band around his waist as well as a brown belt. Nile also wears a yellow and black coat and shoes. He wears black and yellow gloves on both hands and both have tan coloured bands further up his forearms, and he wears a pale yellow scarf. Personality Nile is brave and honest person. Like a number of characters in Metal Fight Beyblade, he admires and is a good friend of Kyoya Tategami.

He is great friends with Demure and Benkei as well. History Nile was born in Africa. However, the country he was from is Egypt. As a blader, Nile is very powerful as he was able to defeat Masamune in their first battle. Metal Masters He was first seen in the Wild Fang selection matches, where he showed outstanding power by winning and keeping one of the victor’s bracelets.

Although Marcus and his friends stole them, He managed to defeat them and win it back.

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Eagerly, he pressed his face against the mahogany doors. There was a small crack and he could see inside. Alexis Rhodes sat inside. The woman had a sharp, pretty visage with fierce hazel eyes; her golden hair was short and neat. Her skin was smooth and flawless, pale and porcelain-like. Alexis was in her dueling outfit; she wore a sleeveless white and blue top and a matching short skirt.

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Did anything exciting happened” Asked Quinn before removing the pan from the stove and serving the food on two separate plates. The blonde smiled at her daughter’s loving gesture, she had been getting more affectionate as she grew older, which confused her in the beginning since it’s almost always the opposite when teenagers are growing. She didn’t question it though, she loved the way her daughter liked to kiss and hug her all the time, maybe she enjoyed it a bit too much. She had been thinking of ways to seduce her mother – or daddy like she liked to refer to her – and so she started wearing shorter and shorter skirts all the time, showing off her deceitfully long legs, and if she bent just enough, a hint of lace underwear could be appreciated.

The teenager dropped a fork “accidently,” making enough noise to gain the blonde’s attention, which she received in an instant. She bent down, making sure her daddy was watching her and spread her legs just a little bit, showing her sculpted ass and a small dark spot in her underwear, betraying how excited she had gotten just thinking about the other woman. The blonde tried to avert her eyes, but they seemed to be glued to her daughter’s ass. She coughed and tried to pretend she hadn’t seen anything, rubbing her cock subtly through her dressing pants.

She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes one last time before Rachel got back. A friend of mine recommended it, said it was very good” “Sure baby, just let me take a quick shower and we’ll watch it ok? The blonde was in the shower, pumping her shaft up and down, thinking about Rachel’s ass and what it would be like that to fuck her or to have her suck her big cock with those pouty lips. She knew it was wrong to think about her 14 years old daughter, but she hadn’t had sex in a long time and her daughter kept getting hotter and hotter.

She continued pumping furiously, reaching with her left hand to play with her balls at the same time.

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Rukia sat next to her on the couch while they watched the anime on the TV. Tatsuki had given her the entire series of DBZ for a Christmas present and now that Rukia had come down from the Soul Society she finally had somebody to watch it with. They had mostly gone through most of the DVD’s and were currently watching the Buu saga, or more specifically, Gotenks vs Buu. We don’t have anything like this back in the Soul Society!

Especially the idea of using the Fusion Dance.

Chapter 1. Ray and Mariah “Will you marry me?” asked Ray kneeling on one knee and holding out a pearl ring embedded in a platinum band. It was eight long years from the time the Bladebreakers won their third championship title.

Bach Furukawa Nubuo You listened to him play, head in hand, dress matching eyes, hair piled upon hair. The style of this age was elegance, all smooth lines and piles of jewelry. It suited you perfectly in this incarnation; jaded and brilliant, you were willing to sit back and be admired during the day in return for your trials of the night. All these Europeans were here to see him.

You were just the strange Asian lover who funded his music and kept all other enquiring parties away. The admiration and envy following your every step in this hyper-aware society was inevitable, but you had only been here a short time. Even now, as you sat in your reserved box, people kept stopping by to pass a greeting that, if returned, would unlock conversations for months to come.

You were just an oddity — but that would wear off. His music would last forever. She thought this and snorted mentally. As if high social standing automatically came with good taste. They talked through the entire show!

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I do not own Dragon Ball Z. I do not make any money from these stories, nor do I ever wish to. He was exhausted from a hard day of strength training with Goku in the nearby forest. Gohan had been making broad steps in his training since competing in the last world tournament, but he was still years away from matching Goku in strength and endurance. Goku trained from morning to night if his family let him, and Chi-Chi was on a daylong shopping trip, so he had no protesting when he had left to train in the forest earlier that morning.

Gohan had decided to quit training early to prevent himself from doing physical damage to himself, his fathers’ regiment was just too much.

Wakiya x Reader (A BeyBlade Burst Fanfiction)(On hold) #wattpad #fanfiction this is going to be my first story and it will probably be crappy:) She is new in this city and finds friends and meets old enemies, and love. see its already crappy sounding See more.

Only in the hearts and minds of kids and adults that grew up with this charismatic cartoon character. More than 4 decades ago. This is outstanding, for one cartoon to be so loved and to have so many fans, of so different ages. The funny fact is that, although depicting scary stories, with ghosts and monsters, these cartoons made kids laugh, more than making them scared and giving them nightmares, which is a big plus for you, Scooby-Doo! This franchise, being so loved by kids, grew and thus the Scooby Doo games appeared.

The first Scooby-Doo game appeared in and it was produced by Mattel Electronics, for Intellivision. The last of the Scooby Doo games is Scooby Doo! Also, except the purchasable versions of the Scooby Doo games, there also are the Scooby Doo games online where you can play Scooby Doo games, and not every kind of game, but free Scooby Doo games. Scrappy Stinks, Swami Shaggy and many, many others. It depends only on you and on your choice.

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Unless something major comes up, it will remain public. Most of it is pretty hardcore hypno twists and turns. There is a lot of teasing and a lot of buildup. There is a fair amount of FFVI yuri content and a few intra-party sex scenes that should float the boats of any casual reader.

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Lean fingers quietly wrapped around the base of a ridiculously expensive crystal glass, tilting the irreplaceable object back towards the edge of the table. Within the layers of manually crafted crystal, the reflection of a stony face watched the light brown of the alcohol inside slosh quietly against transparent walls.

He’d been staring at the drink for hours, resulting in melted ice that did more to ruin the taste than heighten the intensity with any sort of temperature management. The soft ring of the office phone waned his attention on the fourth try. A soft blink carried the bland gaze from glass to phone, where many of the lights lined up on the right side lit up like a newly decorated Christmas tree. Might as well, he thought, but no real motivation guided his hand when he reached across untouched papers to press the Speaker button.

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This story coincides most heavily with the films. However, it pulls some characters and backround story from the comics and cartoons. I am aware of the mashup of canon. She did not think that the faded and tattered yellow bunny terry cloth robe and the lemon yellow towel currently twined around her hair were appropriate for the first day of classes.

The problem was Olivia wasn’t entirely sure what the right impression would be.

Nile (ナイル, Nairu) is a member of Team Wild Fang representing African in Big Bang Bladers with Demure, Kyoya and the masked blader. |} Contents[show] Appearance Nile has tanned skin and brown hair with orange bangs that are complimented by matching extensions.

Playing the interactive puzzles and sliding puzzles are fun to put together, especially when you must recreate the picture before the timer runs out to win the game. Print and play the Maze games or Spot the Difference game and reuse the sheets to color. Hellokids has created an interactive dot to dot program where you can choose the dot to dot page, connect the dots and color your picture all online. Find yourself challenged by the selection of different online word search games and see if you can find all the words in the grid.

Read more about the new Dot to dot App for tablets and PC”s in our Daily Kids News section to download and color your pictures wherever you go. You can always print the dot to dot sheets to connect at home too. Test your memory to a match game or see if you know tha answers to the online Quizzes. One of our newest popular games to play is Yodicity and you can even become a Super Yodimi. There is never a dull moment here on Hellokids with so many fun activities to choose from: Learn to draw animals and holiday characters with the easy step by step instructions, read a stories and poems and discover facts about history of events or people.

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What happens when these two begin to make matches for their solo teammates? Laughs and happy endings? Set eight years after the third world tournament. Before we start a small mention that I don’t own the Beyblade characters.

Fanfiction Romance Anime/Manga Beyblade X Reader More.. Report. T T Info. A/N. Matchmaking (Shu x Reader x Lui) Beyblade Burst x Reader (REQUESTS CLOSED) Matchmaking (Shu x Reader x Lui) “Valt, Delta, stop. I told you before not to try matchmaking.”.

Chapter 2 Tyson and Hilary. Tyson ducked as she threw another cushion at him. They were in Kai’s flat which was adjacent to Tyson’s own. She threw it at Tyson. Her aim was good but years of training under Kai had made him agile. He dodged it safely. I mean just look at me. I’ll be a standing joke with my colleagues and employers. Her hair was definitely longer and before being transformed into a bright green it was a shade of dark brown tied in a waist long pony.

She was a Beyblading manager, now. Her fees were really high but her talent for the job was obvious. She had climbed up the Managing ladder very quick and now was considered a manager only the very rich people could hire.

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